Creating a productive learning environment can be uniquely challenging in 2022. The classroom’s lighting, layout, furniture, and colors all play a part in creating a peaceful and energized academic experience. Whether you need to completely redesign your space or simply brush up on current trends in classroom or office design, these tips will help with designing your educational space for the 2022 Fall semester.

Think About Lighting and Air Quality

In the wake of Zoom fatigue and stuffy indoor learning, classrooms are focusing more on natural lighting. Several studies show a correlation between exposure to natural sunlight and alertness, some even linking improved cognitive performance to learning in sunlit spaces. Adding an air purification system can also combat indoor air pollutants and any lingering back-to-school bugs that may result in sick days and missed learning opportunities. For classrooms with little to no sunlight exposure, incorporating indoor-outdoor lessons can help reduce potential virus transmission and give students (and educators) an extra zap of energy during the day.

Choose Calming Materials and Colors

Interior design in 2022 incorporates a plethora of woven fibers, organic materials, and earthy textures. This calming, nature-inspired trend lends a sense of tranquility to any room. Calming colors and natural textures in the classroom can help students with lingering anxieties and stressors from other areas of their lives. Opting for muted background colors, adding ground pillows, and playing with textured wall displays are all excellent ways to incorporate this Fall trend in your classroom design.

Get Creative With Use of Space

Creating effective classroom layouts in the 21st century really depends on your working space. Open floor plans make it easy to rearrange seating throughout the day to best compliment the lesson plan du jour. Opting for variable seating options – different types of chairs, bean bags, desks, and cushions – can be a fun way to create a dynamic learning environment. Creating different ‘zones’ throughout the room can also help foster creativity and direct students’ focus. To create an intuitive layout, consider which technology your students use most. How these tools will be used can determine how the space can be most effectively used.

Working on classroom design for the new school year can be a fun and challenging process, providing an opportunity to infuse energy into a dynamic learning environment. These tips make the most of current trends in classroom and office design without sacrificing the creativity and flexibility that comes with modern schooling methods. Contact us today for help with selecting thoughtful furnishings and optimizing available space for your classroom.