Opening your business, moving your office, or even expanding your operations can be a costly endeavor. There are quite a few costs to consider, including (but not limited to) the addition of office furniture. Instead of purchasing all new chairs, desks, dividers, lounge seating, and the like, consider leasing to own while you take care of everything else involved with running your own business. 

You Can Conserve Cash

When starting or expanding your business, it’s likely that new employees, additional technology, and other expenses will be top priority. Leasing office furniture initially for efficient daily operations allows you to save your cash and plan for what’s ahead. It’ll give you a chance to get situated, and then hone in on creating a space that you love once the new operation is running smoothly. 

Your Office Needs are Uncertain

For companies with seasonal employment cycles, or those needing to scale up for a short time, leasing office furniture may be the better route. Leasing furniture from a reputable company that handles each piece of an entire office move reduces impact on the business owner, allowing them to focus attention and resources on the influx in business. During a move, Environments performs pre- and post-move walkthroughs and can include an entire inventory of old and new furniture. 

You Need a Tax Break

In most cases, leasing office furniture is a tax deduction because the expense is considered necessary and ordinary. If you were to purchase office furniture, you would receive a tax deduction, but only for the year in which the furniture was purchased. Consider your five-year budget and decide which type of tax break would fit best for your needs. 

Your Design Style is Changing

The world of office interior design is ever-changing. We experienced huge shifts in layout during the pandemic and offices have recently begun to return to a semblance of normalcy. If you are still trying to determine how to create a space that fosters creativity, productivity, and balance for your employees amidst evolving needs, consider leasing a few pieces of office furniture, first. You can lease-to-own the items you know you’ll need, and not have to pay them off immediately. You may decide to allocate the dollars you save toward unique furnishings that differentiate your office from the crowd. 

By leasing to own, you can design your office space with beautiful and functional pieces that save you money when you need it most. Environments Denver offers flexible financing solutions for businesses in transition or those that simply prefer to lease furniture. Tax benefits and out-of-pocket savings are just a few pros of leasing office furniture through Environments. Contact us today to learn more.