As we move away from 2019 and fully embrace the start of a new decade, businesses may consider a redesign of their interior space. Over the past decade, we’ve seen workplaces shift from a focus on individuality and privacy to promotion of company culture and communal work environments.  Many of this year’s design trends facilitate a positive work-life balance and a healthy well-being by incorporating sustainable office furniture, comfortable domestic finishes, and natural elements. Here are some more exciting office design trends we look forward to seeing in 2020.

Dynamic Elements

As businesses become increasingly innovative and progressive, so too do our workspaces. The communal office aesthetic is here to stay, but companies are also set on providing their staff with private break-away zones to work individually. Keeping this ever-changing office concept in mind, designers have improved traditional pieces and made them malleable, mobile, and lightweight. This year we’ll see movable partitions, collapsible tables, and mobile furniture make their way to our workspaces. Each versatile piece helps offices create the space they need for the project at hand.

Natural Materials

As we continue to become a more health-conscious population, we crave a workplace that benefits both our mental and physical well-being. The desire for white-washed, windowless office spaces is waning and the need for sunlight, engaging design, and natural touches is growing. Materials reflective of our earth’s environment are making appearances in office spaces around the country. Wood fixtures, stone features, and live plants help bring the outside in and boost moods and productivity.

Community Engagement

Businesses are realizing the value in fostering a positive company culture that encourages coworkers to collaborate, share, and engage throughout the day. Creating an open workplace is the most straightforward way to facilitate collaboration and inspiration. Large tables, movable desks, and break-out zones bring staff together while still providing a necessary and functional workspace.

Domestic Touches

Taking the sense of community one step further, 2020 trends show the incorporation of domestic touches throughout the office. Comfy couches laden with throw pillows, plush lounge chairs with footstools, and large, colorful area rugs adorn communal office spaces. Not only does this trend lend itself to a pleasing overall aesthetic, but it also entices employees to stay longer or come in earlier. Creating an office space that looks and feels like home will also encourage any remote staff to drop in more frequently. Foster a loyal, caring company culture by providing comfort and convenience for staff members.


As concern for our environment grows, businesses are called to minimize their footprints wherever they can. Utilizing sustainable office supplies and designing with furniture made from recycled materials is becoming increasingly important and easy to do. As 2020 unfolds, we will see offices move even closer toward green practices. Now more than ever, there are myriad sustainable office design options available that are affordable and visually pleasing.

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