Office lighting design can make a significant impact on the health and happiness of employees. Harsh, fluorescent lighting often harms mood and productivity, so many offices are making the transition toward a more natural workspace. There are several ways to incorporate natural elements into the workplace, including living plant walls. However, several high-profile companies are taking the natural trend one step further. L.L. Bean and Facebook have created outdoor co-working spaces, and the results have been impressive. Interested in learning more about outdoor co-working areas? Here, we share the details on this emerging office design.

What Are Outdoor Co-Working Spaces?

Outdoor workspaces aren’t commonplace just yet, so you may be curious about what this environment entails. An outdoor office can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like. In the case of large companies like L.L. Bean and Facebook, workers enjoy portable glass pods that are placed out in the open. Facebook’s Menlo Park location features a 9-acre rooftop garden for employees who prefer to work outdoors, while L.L. Bean set up a temporary office in the heart of one of New York’s gorgeous parks.

Even if you don’t have the budget to create a rooftop oasis or set up shop in a prestigious nature preserve, you may still be able to offer a great alternative to traditional indoor workspaces. If you’re on the search for a new office building, keep an eye out for an option that has a spacious patio or courtyard. Simply setting up a few picnic tables with umbrellas or canopies to shade employees from the sun is a great start, and may benefit the well-being of your team. If possible, incorporate plants into the courtyard to provide a serene environment.

Finding the Best Fit for Your Office

Determining the best layout for your office can be a challenge. While studies and surveys consistently show that natural elements in the workplace have a calming effect on workers, it may not be practical to pursue an outdoor co-working space. If your current office building has limited outdoor space, it may be best to stick with the conventional setup and explore outdoor options for the future. However, if your workplace already has a spacious outdoor area to work with, it could be an excellent investment to spruce up the space with trees, flowers, and comfortable seating arrangements.

Regardless of the layout you choose for your workplace, be sure to focus on office lighting design. The right lighting can help employees feel at ease and productive, leading to a more effective routine. When you’re on the search for the ideal furniture and lighting for your office, our team at Environments can help. Whether you’re looking for a few décor items or a complete office overhaul, we’ll remove stress from the process and assist you in achieving the perfect aesthetic. To learn more about our services, please reach out to our team.