During this uncertain time, many of us have had to cope with our daily life being upended. Instead of grappling through this difficult transition into a new normal, plan ahead to set yourself up for success. For some, working from home is a dream, while others struggle to concentrate, stay productive, and maintain focus. Choosing the perfect location for a home office may have a great effect on your output and the ability to get things done. Here are tips to help you determine where to set up your work-from-home space.

Ample Natural Light is Key

Select an area that receives plenty of natural light during the middle of the day; the sunshine helps our bodies and minds align with the day’s natural rhythm more easily. It also promotes better sleep, healthier eating habits, and increased alertness throughout the day. Even one window near your at-home workstation will work positively in your favor. Be sure to set up your monitor or laptop away from the sun to avoid a harsh glare.

Keep Excess Sound to a Minimum

Traditional office environments focus on providing quiet, workspaces for staff to tackle the day’s most trying tasks. However, for those of us working from home, finding a tranquil place to work can be more challenging than work itself. Working from home with children or a partner who must also work remotely contributes to a noisy environment. Find a spot for your office where you can close the door to take private calls, concentrate, and maintain focus. Spare bedrooms, basements, or even walk-in closets provide a calm place to set up a home office.

Consider Temperature

Certain areas of a house are inadvertently colder or warmer depending on various factors. If your home office is situated over the garage or a considerable distance from heating vents, it may be way too cold to work comfortably. However, as winter comes to a close, you’ll want to ensure your desk isn’t in a place that heats up significantly throughout the day. If you’ve found a nook with natural light, invest in black-out curtains that block the heat.

Make it Your Own

Curating a space that’s inviting will make you want to spend more time in your home office; make it comfortable and welcoming with touches of your personality throughout. Include photos of loved ones on your desk, favorite accessories, and plenty of live, indoor plants. It’s easy to overlook decorating a home office since its already located within your house. However, having the distinction that the space is meant for work and not leisure can help train your brain to switch from home life to work mode.

Transitioning from an office environment to a home office can be tricky and cause interruptions in our work. However, creating a workstation that provides key elements can set you up for success when working from home. Environments Denver offers a variety of office essentials, including high-quality desks, exceptional lighting, and organizational pieces that are sure to transform any room into the optimal home office. Contact us today to learn more.