The coronavirus pandemic has made working from home a mainstay in many industries. Whether your company is working from home until further notice or you expect this to be a permanent change, creating the ideal environment will help you maximize productivity at home. If you’re still in the process of setting up your home office, the products we share here will help you plan an office room design that you love.

Mesh Office Chair

When you work from home, it can be tempting to grab your laptop and clock in from the bed or couch. However, you’ll likely find that this is uncomfortable (especially for a prolonged period of time) and makes it easy to become unfocused. Creating a dedicated workspace is the best solution for most remote employees, and an ergonomic mesh chair enhances comfort so you can stay focused. We source a host of excellent options, including the OTG11921B mesh-backed chair and the Global Vion Mesh Task Chair. Many of our options are customizable so you can select the perfect color and size for your needs.

Adjustable Height Desk

Like a comfortable office chair, the right desk is a crucial component of your home office space. We like adjustable height desks, since they can be used as a standing or sitting desk. They’re also handy for home offices that are used by more than one person. Regardless of the size you need, we can help. The ESI Enmo electric adjustable height desk is highly customizable to suit your space and the base comes in three modern finishes to complement any home office.

Desk With Storage

If you’ll be working from home long-term and need storage space to stay organized, a desk with storage cabinets will be useful. Laminate desks and storage drawers are often a practical and aesthetically appealing choice for the home office, as the options we source are well-made and similar to what you’d find in a corporate office environment.

Additional Accessories

If you’re working in a small space and need to save room, we like the ESI Motific Portable Tech Table. This product is incredibly mobile and is perfect for accommodating phones, tablets, or laptops. If a laptop is your preferred device for working from home, we love the Hana Laptop Support from ESI. This handy product allows you to adjust height and angle so your neck can remain in a comfortable position as you work. Working with a desktop? The Hana Monitor Riser from ESI is available in three convenient settings so you can find your ideal viewing height. Its metal base with wood finish is looks stylish and sleek in any setting.

We believe that you’ll find working from home more productive and enjoyable when you have a functional, stylish home office. We love helping our clients bring their office room design vision to life, and we’re here to help you create a customized space tailored to your needs. From seating to desks and beyond, our design team can assist you in achieving a home office that you’ll look forward to spending time in for years to come. To schedule a consultation, please reach out to us.