For some of us, our office chairs are our most-used pieces of furniture, but we don’t often consider how much time we spend in them. Some individuals might invest thousands into mattresses, couches, dining chairs, and so forth, but economize when it comes to office furniture. It’s crucial that task chairs live up to their lofty jobs of providing support, fostering productivity, and maintaining their stature over time. Here’s what you should know before purchasing your next office task chair.

What Is A Task Chair?

While often used interchangeably with “office chair”, this type of chair is actually a specialized office chair. An office chair may refer to conference room seating, guest area furniture, and the like. However, a task chair is specifically used for sitting at one’s workspace and holds certain distinctions that some office chairs do not.

What Are The Benefits Of A Proper Task Chair?

A high-quality task chair provides an ergonomic design that promotes straight posture, proper hand positioning, and lumbar support. An employee seated in a well-made task chair on a daily basis will likely avoid suffering from common office injuries like carpal-tunnel syndrome, neck strain, and back pain.

Task chairs are relatively simple, thus remain functional and versatile regardless of the office setting. They should have adjustable height, mobility, and the ability to swivel, making it easy for the user to access all areas of their workspace, move to various areas around their office, and cater to their individual body type.

A departure from large and cumbersome executive chairs, task chairs are able to tuck in under most desks and can be moved out of the way easily. If your workplace promotes collaboration, one-on-one trainings, or frequent meetings, using the same chair throughout the office may help employees remain comfortable and focused, regardless of where they are seated.

What Should A Task Chair Include?

A task chair should have casters and the ability to swivel easily. A well-made task chair can be adjusted without tools and with minimal effort from the user. Additionally, breathable upholstery allows the user to remain cool and comfortable throughout the day. Task chairs should fit the height of their corresponding desk and be able to tuck underneath when not in use to optimize floor space.

Office chairs undergo a great deal of wear and tear throughout their lifetime, so workplaces may feel less inclined to invest in them. However, utilizing proper task chairs that are functional, aesthetically appealing, and durable may save money in the long run by increasing employee productivity, comfort, and health. Environments Denver offers a wide variety of task chairs designed with the user in mind. Contact us today to learn more about our versatile, durable office furniture.