Whether you’re looking for ways to breathe new life into the workplace or you’re in the exciting process of designing a brand-new office, art and décor should be at the top of your priorities list. Incorporating appropriate artwork and décor is about more than just shaping the aesthetic of the workplace–it can also have a measurable impact on employee happiness and productivity. Interested in learning more about the importance of selecting the right décor for the office? Here’s a look at how office interior design affects everyone in the building: 

Brand Image

How you decorate the office says a lot about your brand–so you should take care to choose pieces that demonstrate what your company stands for. Modern offices often display artwork that tells a story, such as photographs of how and where the brand got its start, and how it has transformed throughout the years. Other companies prefer to keep artwork and décor more about the coolness factor, demonstrated through abstract or even interactive works. 

Spark Creativity 

We’ve all had the (dis)pleasure of visiting or even working in an office space that’s uninspired or even drab. There’s something about these workplaces that stops creativity in its tracks. It’s not just in your head–studies have shown that individuals who work in proximity to art show higher levels of creativity and critical thinking. 

Promote Relationship Building

When you’re designing the breakroom or other common areas, don’t forget to include thought-provoking art or décor that makes a splash. These elements of the gathering area aren’t just for show: how a room is decorated can be a great conversation starter and even contribute to employees’ mood. The psychology of color is more powerful than you may imagine, and certain hues have been shown to stimulate different emotional states. Green, for example, is often regarded as warm yet engaging. 

Reduce Stress Levels

Humans are inherently connected to artwork. Even those who don’t consider themselves art connoisseurs will be positively impacted by the presence of artistic elements in the workplace. According to one study, workers who viewed art for 35 minutes during their break experienced a rapid decline in cortisol (the “stress hormone”). Other studies suggest that simply viewing works of art can activate the pleasure center of the brain, promoting a reduction in stress. 

Office interior design hinges on selecting the artwork and décor pieces that mesh with your brand identity and company culture. If you’re interested in professional assistance in sourcing the best décor for your workplace, our team of designers is here to help. Please contact us to arrange a consultation.