If you’re planning to improve the office, adding recreational spaces may be an investment that pays off for employees. The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful for many, and workers have had to adapt to an unprecedented number of changes. To ease the transition back into the workplace, consider adding areas that encourage relaxation and team building. Here, we share inspiration for incorporating rec spaces into office interior design.

Fitness Room

Even if you’re working with limited space, it may be possible to add a fitness room (or corner) to the office. Just a few minutes of exercise can bring huge benefits, such as improved mood and productivity. Many individuals experience a dip in energy levels in the afternoon, so stopping by the fitness area for some stretching or invigorating movement can help employees reset and recharge. If you’re able to make space for a fitness room, it comes with the added benefit of offering opportunities for group classes, such as yoga.

Game Room

Strong teams are a necessity for any company. When you’re looking for fun ways to encourage employees to get to know one another, a game room is an excellent amenity space to include. Some ideas to consider include a pool table, board games, video game corner, and table tennis.

Coffee and Tea Bar

Nearly everyone appreciates a good cup of coffee or tea, and installing a coffee bar that feels like a cozy café is a great way to boost morale in the workplace. Aim to create a calming space with a mix of bar tables with charging ports and comfortable plush seating. These design details will make it possible for employees to work or relax solo or enjoy a collaborative experience with colleagues.


There’s something calming about a library, and it can serve as a dual-purpose area. Those who need to step away from their desk may appreciate a change of scenery, and book enthusiasts can unwind with some reading time. To create a sense of community, invite employees to stock the shelves with their favorite books.

Many modern offices are on a mission to make the building feel more like home. When you’re ready to wow your team with upgrades, the recreational spaces highlighted here will transform the workplace. Rec areas should be carefully planned and designed to meet your brand’s aesthetic, so you may prefer to seek professional assistance. Our team specializes in office interior design, and we’d love to help you make your vision come to life. To learn more about our process and discuss your project, please contact us for a consultation.