Meridian International is a leading company in the tool & hardware and lawn & garden industries, and is engaged in manufacturing, research and development, and sales & distribution. In keeping with their brand identity and culture, the CEO of Meridian had a definite concept of the look and feel he wanted to create for his company’s space. Environments Denver worked in collaboration with Meridian International and their architects, Kieding Interior Architecture + Design, to create an industrial aesthetic for the space.

Cement floors, along with open and exposed ceilings, were complemented by using Iron Age Office industrial furniture for the private offices, open working areas, and meeting and collaboration spaces. In addition to the furniture concept, Environments designed and implemented complimentary products to handle the power and data needs of the space, in a way that more traditional furniture systems would, without compromising the visual integrity of the furniture and the aesthetic that Meridian wanted to achieve. Our team used “out-of-the-box” thinking to create a solution that was both a functional and visual success.