Many employees have been working from home for months now, and many will likely continue this new routine until the pandemic is fully under control. Whether your employees are already returning to the office or you’re in the midst of making a plan for the future, modern office design is more important than ever before. To help your team members transition back into an in-person setting, consider the following tips to make the workplace as safe and comfortable as possible:

Prioritize Physical Distancing

Physical distancing may be the way of the future even after COVID-19 begins to fade away. To reduce the spread of germs, invest in office furniture that promotes six feet of space between each person. If you prefer an open floor plan with shared desks, staggering employees’ schedules may be an option to consider. Many industries are making the shift toward flexible schedules to reduce the number of people in the office.

Utilize Outdoor Space

Even before the onset of the pandemic, workplaces were beginning to explore outdoor work stations. Access to fresh air and natural light improves mood and may even provide a boost in productivity. If your office building has a balcony or spacious courtyard, setting up practical outdoor seating in the shade is an excellent strategy to implement.

Offer Cozy, Single-Person Seating

Working from home offers unparalleled flexibility, like the ability to work from the bed or couch (however, we recommend ergonomic desks!). To help your team members ease back into the office setting, provide ultra-comfortable seating designed for one person throughout the workplace. A few plush armchairs and meditation chairs placed strategically near a window or secluded corner are inviting options.

Redesign With Easy-to-Sanitize Surfaces

If the workspace is in need of an upgrade, making the switch to modern materials is a must. Choose surfaces with a finish that’s easy to sanitize with soap, water, and disinfectant. Quartz, stainless steel, and vinyl are viable options that can be customized to reflect your aesthetic. To take sanitization measures up a notch, consider investing in touchless technology for the restrooms.

Transitioning back into an office environment shouldn’t have to be a stressful change for employees. If you’re interested in re-designing the workplace with COVID-19 precautions or adaptations in mind, our team would love to help. Our talented and experienced designers are here to collaborate and provide input as you handpick each piece of furniture to fit your vision of modern office design. When you’re ready to start the process, please contact us for a consultation.