Classroom Design for Optimal Learning

To encourage a healthy and happy classroom, consider incorporating functional office furniture within the learning space. While thoughtful classroom design is important for all age groups, it’s especially influential for high school students. To promote an optimal learning environment, keep in mind the key elements of classroom design that we share here:

Invest in Comfortable Furniture

Traditional classroom equipment has a reputation for being uncomfortable. If you’re on the search for ways to improve the learning space, consider investing in ergonomic chairs and desks. Functional office furniture is instrumental in keeping students attentive, and will enhance the look of the room as well. Instead of classic connected desks and chairs, look into ergonomic rolling chairs. Allowing students to move may help keep them awake and alert, and simplify collaboration on group projects.
Decorate with Bright Colors

The teenage brain grows at a rapid pace, and many students struggle to remain alert during morning classes. If you’d like to make it easier for learners to feel focused during the early morning hours, decorate the classroom with bright colors and open the window to let natural light filter in. Learning spaces for high school students often look best when accessorized with a limited color palette. If you’re going for a modern look, a statement piece such as a geometric work of art may complement the room and help spark creativity in your students.

Utilize Natural Elements

Incorporating nature into the classroom (or office) is an excellent strategy for reducing stress and boosting productivity. Since most learning environments are indoors, bring the outdoors in with allergen-friendly houseplants. Peace lilies are hypoallergenic, but if you’d prefer to avoid using real plants in the classroom, try decorating with colors reminiscent of nature. Mint green is a calming choice, and your students may also enjoy a bright pop of coral or royal blue. Coral is the 2019 Color of the Year, so it may be fun to incorporate this cheerful and invigorating hue in your classroom.

Collaborative Seating Arrangements

Offices and classrooms around the world are embracing a more flexible approach to seating arrangements. If you’re interested in promoting a flexible working space, abandon the traditional seating chart approach and replace stand-alone desks with long tables to foster a collaborative learning environment.

When it’s time to get your classroom ready for the new school year, consider making a change in design to promote a learning space that’s ideal for high school students. Comfortable, functional office furniture is a must, and modern décor can help set the tone for a great school year. If you’re in need of inspiration or assistance in designing the perfect learning environment, our team at Environments can help. We will work with you to create a beautiful and practical workspace while adhering to your budget, so please reach out to our team when you’re ready to learn more.