When furniture designers are developing new trends, they often reach to the past as a means of influencing modern collections. Today, the mid-century design of the 40s and 50s remains a popular framework for much of the office furniture found in on-trend workplaces. Recently, this foundation has seen new accents entering the fray in the form of geometric shapes and patterns.

Here are some of our favorite examples of fabrics and furniture utilizing geometric shapes and patterns:

Geometric Upholstery from Maharam

If you’re looking for stylish new upholstery with that ‘retro’ flair, Maharam offers beautiful and varied geometric textiles. Cubes, triangles, spheres, and every patterned variation you can think of matched with a plethora of bold, muted, and multi-color options are available. Whether you seek minimalist or busy, you’re guaranteed to find something perfect for your taste.

Geo Tile from ezoBord 

For those with some open wall space, we recommend the stunning Geo Tile art series from ezoBord. These stylish pieces come in a range of shapes and colors — including custom creations — so that you can fashion a variety of geometric patterns. From diamonds and hexagons to Yin Yang and puzzle piece designs, Geo Tiles can fit any aesthetic. Furthermore, the materials are environmentally friendly and aid in noise reduction by absorbing excess peripheral sound.

Hitch from OFS

OFS adds creative potential to this geometric storage piece. Choose between 2 platform styles, and then build a modular layout with three different sizes of square and rectangular shelving. The boxes come with or without back panels, and the largest size has a sliding door option. A number of wood, laminate, paint, and powder coats are available, and the entire layout is easily adjustable with a simple clip system. Hitch is a stylish and versatile piece that turns storage into a statement.

Match from Davis

Designed by the German industrial design duo of Jehs + Laub, Match is a table collection offering 4 rectangular pieces in a sharp black or white scheme. As stand-alone features, each option can be used as desk storage, end tables, and bookcases. Together, you can mix and match to create an artistic centerpiece that also functions as storage.

Whether you’re looking for a clean mid-century modern piece or one with a bit of geometric flair, Environments can help you find the perfect pieces for your space. We curate our offerings with collections from the most innovative and trendsetting designers from all over the globe to ensure that every taste is satisfied. The aesthetic and comfort of your office is important, so trust in our expertise and contact us today.