As you prepare to modernize the office, consider investing in pieces that offer functionality. Functional office furniture is a growing trend, as many workplaces are shaking things up and adapting to employees’ changing preferences. Agility is now just as important as aesthetic, and incorporating versatile pieces can boost productivity while also enhancing the look of the space. If your goal is to create an environment where team members feel comfortable moving about, it’s helpful to add furniture that promotes mobility. Here, we share inspiration for encouraging increased mobility in the office:

Furniture and Accessories on Casters

The idea of furniture on casters isn’t new, but we’re seeing an increasing number of sleek profiles designed with agility in mind. In the past, only cumbersome furniture was equipped with casters. However, many workplaces are moving away from traditional working habits and embracing a more flexible approach. With many employees opting to move about freely throughout the workday, it’s no surprise that low-profile furniture on casters are becoming a staple in the office. Following the same trend, casters add mobility to essential accessories and technology such as whiteboards and large screens. Furniture on casters not only makes it simpler to move objects with ease, but pieces such as wheeled shelving is highly versatile and can be used in novel ways for years to come.

Adding Fluidity to the Workplace

Workplace culture is still in the midst of significant changes. As workers return to the office after extended periods of working from home, they’re speaking up about a desire for fluid working conditions. In addition to offering flexible remote and in-office policies, many companies are introducing features that make it easier for teams and individuals to create customizable workspaces. Movable walls, temporary partitions, and even balloon walls are growing in popularity. These ultra-portable features make it easier than ever to set up shop for collaborative or solo work at a moment’s notice.

If you’re ready to enhance the office and promote mobility, functional office furniture is a must. Whether you incorporate furniture on casters or invest in options such as portable walls, employees will appreciate the newfound agility of the workplace. If you’d like to ensure that your project is completed with expertise, reach out to our team. We’ll handle each step of the process with care to deliver beautiful results and a stress-free experience.