From the newest concepts in office furniture design trends to tried-and-true styles, the Environments team offers insights in the articles below.

Are Wall Coverings Right For My Office?

If you’re planning to update the office, wall coverings can often complement stylish office furniture. Although wallpaper once sounded dated, modern…

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Understanding Acoustics in Commercial Spaces

When planning commercial office design, be sure to consider the acoustics of the building and each room within the workplace. Acoustics are just as…

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Tips For Incorporating Light and Bright Colors Into the Office

Office lighting design makes a significant impact on workplace dynamics, whether you’re planning the transition back to the office or you’ve been…

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restaurant design

The Power of Color in Restaurant Design

If you’re in the midst of a new restaurant design or planning to give your restaurant an upgrade, color is an element that shouldn’t be ignored. The…

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modern office design lighting

Tips For Designing an Energy-Saving Lighting Plan

If you’re planning to make upgrades to the office, lighting is one of the most influential factors to consider. When introducing modern office design…

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How to Implement a Rebrand in Office Design

Is it time to rebrand your business? Rebranding is often necessary to help your company evolve and stay competitive. If you’re ready to adapt and…

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modern office design

Our Favorite Modern Office Furniture Pieces

Whether you’re designing your home office or upgrading a commercial space, you may be interested in incorporating modern office design. If you’re…

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The Future of Classroom Design

Although the COVID-19 pandemic may be coming to a close in the not-so-distant future, this worldwide crisis is expected to bring lasting changes to…

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sound masking denver co eon office

How Sound Masking Improves Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Office interior design goes beyond aesthetics, and sound masking may be an option to consider if your top priority is improving productivity and…

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breakroom renovation

Tips For a Functional Breakroom Renovation

If you’re planning to incorporate new office design ideas to improve the workplace, don’t underestimate the importance of the breakroom. This space…

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Creative Indoor Plant Options for Commercial Spaces

Access to nature is crucial for improving mood and productivity. Many workplaces are beginning to acknowledge the multitude of benefits that plants…

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The Most Popular Commercial Surfaces

If you’re considering making upgrades to the office, you may be interested in exploring the plethora of options for commercial work surfaces. The…

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