If you’re planning an office redesign, you may be on the search for ways to incorporate smart office technology into the workspace. Cutting-edge technology has the potential to make the office more efficient and enjoyable for all, and will be an especially welcome surprise from those returning from a remote environment. Need inspiration for how to include useful technology in modern office design? Here, we share a few of our favorite options:

Automated Door Locks

Security is an important component in keeping your employees safe and happy. To ease the transition back into the workplace, consider investing in automated door locks for improved security and peace of mind. In addition to keeping unwanted visitors out of the space, smart door lock systems can also save energy by locking down rooms that aren’t in frequent use. Many of these systems are touchless, so you’ll also benefit reducing the spread of germs.

Occupancy Sensors

Even as COVID cases begin to decline, social distancing may be here to stay. If you’d like to promote safety protocols for your employees, occupancy sensors may be a wise investment for your business. These sensors can be configured to send an alert when a room is at or beyond safe occupancy levels, helping to cut down on overcrowding in enclosed spaces.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats have been steadily increasing in popularity for homes, but they’re a great choice for environmentally-conscious workplaces, too. A smart thermostat will allow you to discover the energy use patterns of the office and make changes if necessary. This technology is also excellent for reducing wear and tear on the HVAC system and saving money on utility bills.

Smart Refrigerator

Looking for ways to improve the breakroom? In addition to creating a space that feels inviting and keeping the kitchen well-stocked, adding a smart refrigerator is an easy way to take the rec area to the next level. Many smart refrigerators come with several handy features, including an abundance of storage space, a touch screen, and reminders to ensure that the office fridge will never run out of snacks that are in high-demand.

When you’re ready to redesign your office, incorporating smart office technology is a choice that each employee will benefit from. Whether you’d just like to add a few smart features or you’re interested in a complete office overhaul, our team of interior design experts is here to help you each step of the way. We’re passionate about helping our clients turn their dreams of modern office design into reality, and we’d love to speak with you about our process. To arrange a consultation regarding your project, please contact us to get started.