Your office furniture and design speak volumes about your service, products, and brand. Cutting costs on certain items can diminish their appearance and leave a poor first impression. Regardless of the size or scope of your business, every company should prioritize spending money on certain furniture items while saving on others. Here are six pieces of furniture that are worth the splurge.

Reception Desk

In many offices, visitors and clients enter through a reception area. Therefore, the first impression is likely to be based on this space. Consider purchasing a well-made, high-end reception desk that will withstand heavy use without showing much wear. A quality piece that sets the tone of the entire entry way will make an outstanding first impression.

Conference Room Table

The conference room is an important area in any office, and is often used to meet with clients, host webinars, and conduct staff meetings. Invest in a high-quality and stately conference room table that offers plenty of space and harmonizes with the current office aesthetic. While you’ll want to avoid a table that clashes with the interior design, the space will benefit from a striking table that wows new clients and invites others to gather around.

Conference Room Chairs

Productivity and alertness are key during group meetings. Offering cozy and supportive conference room chairs may foster a better work environment and facilitate participation and attention during long meetings. Clients, staff, and visitors will appreciate a modern and ergonomic conference room chair to settle into when viewing a presentation or engaging in discussion.

Office Furniture: Staff Desks

Take care of your employees by providing comfortable and high-quality desks and workstations. Consider investing in modern technology, like sit-to-stand desks, and provide ergonomic solutions to support your staff’s health and wellness. Poorly constructed desks made out of cut-rate materials don’t last as long and will need to be replaced regularly, eventually costing your business more money in the long run.

Task Chairs

Desk jobs require many employees to spend a large portion of their day in their office task chair. A high-quality task chair that is both ergonomically sound and aesthetically appealing is worth the investment. Staff will be better equipped to accomplish daily tasks and work comfortably and healthfully if they have the proper tools at their disposal.


While technically not furniture, lighting plays a huge role in setting the tone and creating a beautiful aesthetic in a space. Efficient and modern lighting communicates that your company is cutting-edge and environmentally conscious. Interesting light fixtures can transform an entire space, so it’s worthwhile to splurge on a few key pieces to make your office space shine.

Investing in these office furniture pieces helps create a space that is inviting and productive. Environments Denver has a wide variety of unique and innovative office furniture to create the space your business needs to succeed. Contact us for more info.