Even with the growing trend in online banking, trading, and financial managing, financial institutions continue to welcome clients into brick-and-mortar locations for many reasons. From conducting complicated transactions to opening new accounts, individuals will prioritize in-person visits when needed, thus prompting financial institutions to adapt in how they create an atmosphere that is less perfunctory and more interactive.

Incorporating Technology

It’s no secret that inviting more technology into any space can attract one subset of people while scaring off another. Financial Institution design trends are incorporating new ways of utilizing easy-to-use technology, like touch screen check-ins and mounted screens to educate, way find, and update clients on new policies.

Curating Calm

The idea that financial institutions need to feel professional and minimal is falling by the wayside. Instead, design is trending toward creating warm, welcoming atmospheres that feel more like community coffee shops or co-working spaces. People want to participate and collaborate in their financial health. Creating a space where they feel comfortable, confident, and somewhat at home can support their agency to do so.

Some tangible design trends we’ve noticed are the incorporation of greenery – live plants, trees, and even the creation of hybrid outdoor and indoor spaces. A plethora of natural light can stave off the fluorescent, stuffy bank feel. Cozy couches, amenities – like coffee and tea, and local touches like original art from area makers support a holistic-feeling environment.

Open Space

This seems to be one trend that is sticking around and making its way to almost all industries. While it’s imperative to have some offices and ways to create privacy, many financial institutions are opting for more open space in their common areas. Consider including sound dampening technology, like fabric paneling and soft music. Create breakout zones where clients can meet with an advisor in private without having to be closed off in an office. Where possible, financial institutions have prioritized glass walls to eliminate the cubicle feel.

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