Modern office design is expanding far past the cubicle and conference room. These days, workplace design seeks to foster a community mentality and inspire collaboration. As insignificant as it may seem, office furniture and its aesthetic plays a sizable role in workplace mindset, culture, and morale. A beautifully designed office can inspire employees to think creatively, boost productivity, and entice them to spend time efficiently at the office. Here are some essential furniture pieces for every office: 

Communal Work Areas

Consider setting up communal workstations that invite staff to gather, share, and create. Reporting to the office each day to set up in your same station with the same view can grow mundane. Select visually pleasing tables made of natural materials and outfit them with outlets, supplies, or even pretty decor. Your staff may really enjoy a more free-flowing workstation set up at communal desks and feel like they can change up their routine each day by sitting somewhere different. 

Storage Space

Modern offices and workplace culture haven’t been able to shake the need for storage solutions, and that’s okay, because having a small surplus of office materials, healthy snacks, and cleaning supplies are necessary to keep an office running smoothly and efficiently. Fortunately, there are plenty of eye-catching storage solutions that serve multiple functions. Not only can storage space like shelving or cabinets keep items organized, but depending on the design, storage solutions may double as tables, benches, room dividers, or noise dampeners. 


Employees seeking desirable job opportunities will often consider work-life balance over salary or healthcare benefits. If you want to attract and retain dedicated employees, comfortable couches are essential furniture pieces. Rest and relaxation are important, even in the middle of the work day. Encouraging employees to take small breaks to recharge can be a huge morale boost and endear staff to your company goals. If you have room for it, make a seating area that is both inviting and innovative. Include interesting books that spark conversation, charging stations, tasty coffee, and cozy blankets. 

Café Furniture

Encouraging employee health and well-being starts with positive eating habits. If you set up a comfortable place to eat meals, staff may be more inclined to pack a healthy one instead of ducking out to grab something quick. Set up cozy café tables and padded chairs in a common area or in the kitchen. You may also consider creating a few picnic-style tables so employees can enjoy their lunch outside on weather-permitting days. The healthier your staff is, the healthier your business is. 

Environments would be thrilled to work with you on sourcing essential furniture pieces for your office. We assist clients in curating visually appealing, functional office spaces that consider the human element, as well as a business’s goals. Contact us today to learn more.