Access to nature is crucial for improving mood and productivity. Many workplaces are beginning to acknowledge the multitude of benefits that plants bring to the office (including Amazon, which opened The Spheres to offer employees unprecedented access to fresh air and greenery). If you’re interested in incorporating plants in the office, you may be on the search for creative ways to include foliage in commercial spaces. We share inspiration below, and if you’re in need of guidance or ready to make your vision come to life, our commercial interior designers are here to help.

Install a Living Plant Wall

Plants are excellent for creating a focal point where employees or visitors will naturally gravitate toward. A living plant wall may be a good fit for a commercial space that needs something extra to bring the room to life. If you have an area that feels stark and cavernous, and would like to transform it into a serene sitting area or place for reflection, consider installing a living plant wall. In addition to the creation of a focal point, the foliage will absorb sound to promote a more peaceful environment.

Randomize the Design

Bringing plants indoors is a great option for decorating. However, many office plants are placed too uniformly and the result feels unnatural. To more closely mimic nature, try randomizing your design with plants. Choose an array of species, from delicate, colorful blooms to bold, leafy options and place them in unexpected locations throughout the space.

Choose Interesting Planters

There are many indoor plants that are classic for an office or other commercial space, such as the peace lily or varieties of ivy. Regardless of which plants you choose to incorporate in the building, displaying them in eye-catching planters is an easy (and fun) way to add some personality to the area. Geometric or metallic planters may be an ideal fit for chic office spaces, while wooden hanging planters could be an elegant choice for a more traditional workplace.

If you’re on the search for ways to make the office feel more welcoming or tranquil, adding plants is a simple strategy that will help transform the space. Whether you’re planning on a complete overhaul for the workplace or would just like to add a few new statement pieces, our team of commercial interior designers is happy to help you achieve your goals. When you’re ready to discuss your vision and learn more about our process, please contact us to arrange a consultation.