Mark Goldberg, Communications Specialist

“California Casualty is thrilled with the reliability and professionalism of Environments Denver. We are a niche insurance provider that relies on super-serving educators and firefighters. Environments has been wonderful in taking the lead in two very important promotions we have done: Firehouse Makeovers and School Lounge Makeovers. Their team has been instrumental in surveying the areas involved, doing measurements, drawing up plans, and purchasing and installing all of the new furniture, accessories and equipment. Their design sense, while working with the winners, has produced some amazing transformations of space.

Best of all, once a winner is selected, their team does all the leg work and management of the project. We know we can rely on Environments to finish on time, provide a quality end-result and meet the expectations we and the winners have. This has led to stress-free, well-orchestrated events that have garnered coverage by the press and great satisfaction for those receiving the makeovers.”