Health experts agree that spending most of your day sitting in a chair can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. This article from Smithsonian explains all the risks associated with sitting.

Sit-to-stand office furniture is now considered a necessity in the workplace. Office furniture manufactures have responded to the health risks by introducing a wide variety of height-adjustable options. But which one is right for you?

AMQ Solutions offers two unique selections worth considering. The ACTIV1 and the ACTIVPro both have a number of features that make the sit-to-stand process more convenient and considerably more quiet.

The AMQ ACTIV series brings movement and flexibility to the workplace with smart aesthetics, quiet motors, and LED control screens that include memory preset features. All of this comes with a price point that will satisfy a variety of different budgets.

The primary selling point for the ACTIVPro is the whisper quiet motor, which makes height adjustments nearly unnoticeable. Other perks of the Pro include a few extra inches in height range, four memory presets instead of three, a full platinum finish, increased weight capacity and a push button control panel. Both styles have a lead time of only 5 days.

To compare all the features of both the ACTIV1 and the ACTIVPro, download the AMQ ACTIV Series comparison guide.

When it comes to sit-to-stand office furniture, you’re no longer stuck with clunky and poorly designed selections. AMQ has given the design and functionality of their new ACTIV Series height adjustable desks considerable through, and it shows.

If you’re interested in testdriving the AMQ ACTIV Series or other height-adjustable office furniture options, please contact us to schedule an Environments Denver showroom tour.